Campfire Rental


Come on out and enjoy a wonderful campfire!








Campfire Policy

  • We will process your campfire request within 3 days.
    • If you request a campfire within 3 days, then please call out store: (317) 769-4636 during store hours.
  • Outside food is permitted.
    • But we would love to provide S’mores for you at $3 per person.
  • No Alcohol please.
  • We will provide 1 picnic table (Seats 6 to 8).
    • Additional picnic tables $10 each.
  • We provide the firewood!
  • Bring your own chairs and coolers if you’d like!
  • 3 campfire sites available.
  • Campfires may not extend beyond 7pm.
  • During our Sunflower and Harvest Festivals (Saturdays 9am-7pm /  Sundays 1pm-5pm… Sept 3 to Oct 24) you will need to pay admission.
    • This is due to the fact that the campfires are within the Festival area.

Campfire Rates

  • Campfire rentals are $50 each.
  • 5 hour time limit please.

** Watchout, campfires are hot! Please do not jump over the fire and be careful not to burn yourself! **


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