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Sunflower Festival Update

August 21, 2019

Hello Stuckey Farm family!, You may recall that our main sunflower field bloomed much earlier than desired.  We tried our best to make this field look great until our scheduled Sunflower Festival. But sadly these flowers are wilting and not up to our standards of the best experience for you, therefore we will not have…

Our Sunflowers Are Helping Fight Hunger!

August 9, 2019

At Stuckey Farm, we were surprised to walk out to our 8 acre sunflower field to see a large portion of our flowers already blooming! They must be really eager to show off, and we can’t wait to share them with you! So we decided to make our big surprise a bonus for you by…

Summer Reading List

June 17, 2019

We know that it’s hard to keep your students brains from turning into apple sauce over the summer. To help you, we’ve provided a summer reading list so their minds can bloom along with our trees! Download the printable reading list here!