Stuckey Farm Professional Photographer Policy and Procedures

(May 2024)

At Stuckey Farm, we love the beauty and family fun that is around us! Our desire is for our guests to have the best opportunity to enjoy the romance of nature and the traditions that brings them back time after time.

We know that as artists you completely understand this and through your work help others enjoy amazing experiences as well!

Another thing that we have in common is that we are a business. There are certain things that guide the way business is to be done. We trust that you understand the purpose behind our policies and procedures as we do our best to help you succeed in yours.

We wish to thank you for what we see as a partnership. Together we care for the world around us while providing joy for those we serve. So please feel welcome! And let us know how we might help you and your clients.

Most of all, have a fantastic time on your visit to Stuckey Farm!

Thank you!!

~ Your friends at Stuckey Farm

Store phone: (317) 769-4636


Professional Photographer Policy and Procedures.

  • Sessions are to be reserved and paid for in advance using our online reservation tool.
  • During Festival days (example: Harvest and Sunflower Festivals) your talent or clients must pay entry fees for each person if wanting access to the Festival area.
  • Fees:
    • Thur-Sat
      • 10:00am to 2:00pm – $100
      • 2:00pm to 6:00pm – $100
        • These times and fees are the minimum.
        • Reservations for these blocks of time are to be made 48 hours in advance.
    • Sunday blocks:
      • 1:00pm to 7:00pm – $100
    • All time blocks are subject to our open season, typically Aug through October
    • Effective 5/29/24 time slots are only available during normal business hours. ALL SESSIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BY EACH END OF BUSINESS DAY
  • Identification:
    • Wearing a Stuckey Farm Professional Media Badge w/ Lanyard is required.
      • You may pick this up at the Stuckey Farm Store.
    • $20 cash or drivers license is required to leave as a deposit when picking up the lanyard and badge. This deposit will be returned when lanyard and badge are returned.
    • On the day of the photo session, photographers/videographers must pick up the badge at store and return it to the store.
  • Please inform your clients specifically where to meet you. And be waiting for them. Our team is very busy and wants everyone to have a great time, yet it is challenging to accommodate “lost” clients or talent on our large property.
    • Example, if your session is in our orchard:
      • We suggest having them park and meet you in the southernmost parking lot area. This provides space away from the crowds and is easy to find.
      • Consider sending a screenshot of a Google map with an arrow pointing to this south parking lot location.
  • We understand that it’s difficult to work around large crowds. Please be kind, gracious, and do your best to not disrupt the experience of others. And please make us aware of those not being gracious to you!
  • Static mini sessions, large setups such as backdrops, large props or anything that blocks guests access to our trees for long periods of time must be pre-approved. Chairs, toys, flowers, or other small props that are quickly moved are ok. You may call the store at (317) 769-4636 or email us at
  • Please do not pick apples from trees, sunflowers, corn, pumpkins or harvest produce of any kind for props unless paying for them at the store when the session is complete. Ours is a food product that we desire not to waste.
    • We are not allowed to sell or serve apples from the ground.
  • Stuckey Farm displays or program items may not be moved without approval from a team member. Call the store at (317) 769-4636 or email
  • Proof of profession required when reserving a session.
    • Place this info in the notes section of your checkout cart.
    • This may be a business website, Facebook, or blog URL.
  • Stuckey Farm has the right to request 3 digital copies, interview segments, or finished video B-roll footage of session results for possible promotional purposes.
    • These will be in coordination with Photographer/Videographer and client.
    • Consent forms will be provided at the time of request.
  • We ask for proof of results/outcomes to be submitted to Stuckey Farm after session day.
    • This may be examples and is for proof of purpose only, not for Stuckey Farm promotional use.
    • If the end product is for use on the internet, print or broadcast distribution, please let us know where we can find it. We simply would love to see your great work!
    • Send a link or email a sample of your photos to
  • Credit and hyperlink to “” requested if posted on Professional Photographer/ Videographer’s business website, blog, or social media.
  • Liabilities:
    • Photographer/Videographer agrees to leave property and areas used as they found it.
    • Photographer/Videographer may be held liable for damages to property.
    • Damages to be assessed by a Stuckey Farm team member.
  • In case of adverse weather, rescheduling may be coordinated by contacting the store at (317) 769-4636 or email
  • Stuckey Farm is not responsible for injury, loss or damage.
  • Stuckey Farm team members reserve the right to refuse opportunities at any time.