Our sunflowers are helping fight hunger!

At Stuckey Farm, we were surprised to walk out to our 8 acre sunflower field to see a large portion of our flowers already blooming in early August! They must have been really eager to show off!


Because of this, we were not able to have our normal Sunflower Festival as planned.  But that doesn’t make it any less of an opportunity for you sunflower lovers!


Instead, we are partnered with a special group so they benefit as well.  By coming out an enjoying the fields of flowers that are still in bloom (many of the specialty flowers are gorgeous), we only ask for a small donation to a not-for-profit we all can help.


The Society of St. Andrew is a fantastic group of people that collect food from farms and donate it to food agencies, thus providing the freshest food possible for those in need. On the next two Saturdays your entrance fee will be a 100% donation to help fight hunger in Indiana!


We are excited to be part of a network that cares for the local hunger issue. Will you join us? Come visit our early sunflowers and your entrance donation will be 100% applied toward ending hunger in our communities.


This is our second year working with the Society of St. Andrew. Last year they gleaned apples from our orchard, and this fall will do the same with the help of 200 FFA members! For more information on the Society of St. Andrew and their work to end hunger, please visit… www.endhunger.org


~ Your friends at Stuckey Farm


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