School Tours

Reservations are OPEN!

Costs and Conditions

Over the years, tens of thousands of school age children have come to the farm for a fun and educational visit. Hear about the role of bees in pollination of apple trees. Learn about what it takes to keep an orchard healthy and productive. And if you’re lucky, watch Stuckey Farm’s master cider makers press our famous Stuckey Farm Apple Cider.

To hold your spot, we require $50 deposit per date reserved required is due 2 weeks prior to tour date (reservation is not complete until deposit is received). Deposit is applied to cost when you arrive for your tour. Cancellations must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to tour date for refund.

School tours are $8.00 per person including adults and siblings (includes 1 take home pie pumpkin per person). Please have one payment for the entire group ready upon arrival. 1 Teacher and 1 Teacher Assistant FREE per class. Children under 2 are free and expected to sit on laps.

No strollers in the tents or on the wagon ride. No pets allowed.

Please be aware that this is an operating farm! There may be mud and you may get dirty. Appropriate dress is suggested.

Please allow for a minimum of 15 minutes for bus unloading and loading.

See you at the farm!

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